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Special Promotion - $200 Rebate
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If you use me as your buyer broker, I will hand you a $200 check at the property closing.  Remember, if a property is listed with a Realtor it means seller/s have already prearranged to pay a commission to a broker representing the buyer and therefore they pay all the commission.  The seller does not pay a larger fee because you have your own agent to represent you..  If you purchased directly from the sellers agent, without any representation of your own, the listing agent simply doubles their own commission.

Promotion Code: 
In order to receive this promotion, you must notify me when we speak or when using the setup showing appointment webform regarding this promotion.  You must inform me prior to signing an agency contract with me in order to receive this promotion*.


*Robert Young reserves the right to cancel this offer at any time without notice.  Offer only applies to property buyers that have not yet signed a buyer agency agreement with Robert Young.  Other terms and conditions apply, contact Robert Young for details.

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