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In order to help you properly price your home, Robert will pay a 3rd party appraiser to do an appraisal on your home. 

Most seller's play a guessing game when deciding what price to list at.  Often times, sellers price their home by speaking with a few Realtors and asking them what they think the home is worth.  Unfortunately, few agents are highly trained in property valuation.  Many agents actually give an inflated price hoping that by doing so they will be first in line to get the listing (Realtors call it "buying the listing").  It's unfortunate, but many sellers give the listing to whichever agent tells them their home is worth the most, even if the agent shows little evidence to justify their conclusion.  What often results is a home that sits on the market for several months and later the agent hassles the owner for a listing price reduction.  This is no way to price or sell a home.

Even though I am highly trained in valuation and am more than happy to help you determine a proper list price, I'm also willing to pay to have a non-biased 3rd party appraiser complete an appraisal to help determine the value of your home.  We can then use the appraisal to show buyers how we justified and determined the asking price.

A Word of Caution:
Do not rely on a refinance appraisal to price your home.  Re-Fi appraisals are done on behalf of lending institutions to make sure their investments are justified.  They are not done with the purpose of informing an owner what their home would actually sell for.  Values in Re-Fi appraisals are often quite different than a value in an appraisal where the appraisers job is to determine what the home will actually sell for at the current time.

Promotion Code: 
In order to receive this promotion, you must notify me when we speak or when using the setup listing appointment webform regarding this promotion.  You must inform me prior to listing your home in order to receive this promotion*.


*Promotion offered to clients that agree to list their property with Robert Young for a standard term and rate.  List price is not to be higher than 2% above the appraised value to receive offer unless Robert approves at an alternative price.  If seller elects to list at a price higher than 2% above appraisal, seller will immediately reimburse Robert in full for the $275 appraisal fee.  Offer only applies to property sellers that have not yet signed a listing agreement with Robert Young.  Robert Young reserves the right to cancel this offer at any time without notice.  Other terms and conditions apply, contact Robert Young for details.

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