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Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

What Happens When I Fill This Out?

A CMA is an analysis that gives an estimated sale price for a property given current market conditions. 
A CMA is an informal assessment of a property's market value, usually done to establish a reasonable listing price when a property is placed for sale. The price is established by comparing the property to similar properties that have sold in the area within the past 6-12 months.

CMAs are not only for prospective sellers. Buyers should consider requesting a CMA for properties they're seriously looking at to determine whether the asking price is a true reflection of the current market.

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Use this form to receive a comparative market analysis help determine the value of your home before you put your home up for sale.  Grand Rapids House Values and the following areas:  Ada, Byron Center, Cascade, Caledonia, Cedar Springs, Dorr, East Grand Rapids, Forest Hills, Grand Rapids, Grandville, Holland, Hudsonville, Ionia, Jenison, Kalamazoo, Kentwood, Lowell, Muskegon, Rockford, Standale, Walker, Wayland, Wyoming, Zeeland & More

A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is not an appraisal as defined by state law, but will be prepared by a licensed real estate agent or broker (not acting as an appraiser).  The Comparative Market Analysis is rendered at the request of a seller or seller's manager for the purpose of obtaining a listing.  A Comparative Market Analysis is not to be used to obtain a loan and not to be depended upon for actual property value..


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